Well the weekend past was reasonably good I guess.
Friday was a write-off – a bad CFS day. But nothing unusual at the moment.
On Saturday – the symptoms and exhaustion eased off by early evening. (Thank goodness . . . )  And I treated myself to a nice slow bath. Well it was certainly slow. As the whole business of shampooing hair and then rinsing by using a plastic tumbler of water was like something from many years ago.
And nice ?
That may be stretching it a bit. More awkward, as it is a very small bath. In a smaller than average bathroom. For me to lie back and stretch out fully – I have to put my feet on the wall above or beside the taps. Am I very tall you may be asking ?  NO ! Just 5′ 2″ without shoes.
Also trying not to bang my head against the wash-hand basin above (slightly overhangs the bath) is another challenge.
But it was warm and I am finding it easier than taking a shower just now. Slightly less exhausting and I tend to recover a bit quicker afterwards.
      Later had a very nice dinner which hubby cooked. Well, bought from Tesco and put in oven. But much appreciated. Very tender lamb shank, slow cooked with loads of veg. And some Prossecco wine. Just lovely. Followed by some chocs which were a gift from a friend. And a well appreciated gift too – as I had been in need of cheering up !

Sunday –  and I actually got out of the house. 1st time for 21 days. Yes I have been counting – as this keeps happening. (My work is killing me.)
Went for a early evening pub meal with hubby.
Now we didn’t exactly push the boat out here. We went to a local J D Wetherspoons pub and had the “burger meal deal” – which was something like 2 burger meals & 2 soft drinks for £7.99 (in total). I enjoyed it though, as was great to be out the house.
Later once back home, just relaxed and watched some tv. With 2 small glasses of wine. And finished off those chocs.

Simple pleasures . . . but nice.
And I am very grateful for them.