My name is Anne and I live in Glasgow, Scotland.
Married. No kids. Sometimes visiting pussycats (too allergic to have my own ones!).

I have had ME for a long time – at least 20 years or more. Maybe even since the late 80’s.
Worked full-time in the financial sector (Life Assurance, Pensions, Compliance work re Financial Advice) for 21 years then part-time with a telecoms company for around 4 years. Had to give up these jobs because of my ME.  After a break (and finally accepting I was no use to any employer) I got into property in 2004 and became a Landlady renting out  flats in Glasgow.  The plan was to sell one from time to time but that was before the credit crunch and recession came along ! But I always knew it would be a long-term thing – just maybe not as long-term as it will need to be now.

It has been a huge struggle at times – and has involved taking a lot of risk, eg. remortgaging the house, borrowing lots of money.  But it has been interesting.
The risk of doing nothing seemed more scary to me.  I wasn’t employable with my ME and I was told I could get no financial help at all . (My GPs view then back in 2003 was similar to ATOS now in 2012.)  And I wasn’t well enough to challenge this.  Though I had the full support of my husband (and luckily still do) I had always made my own way before meeting him, and had worked and saved hard to buy my own home etc.

Day to day life with ME and property is stressful and exhausting – and has got worse with the challenges of the last few years.  And sometimes I wonder – did I make the right choice ? But there was really no other choice I could see at the time. On bad days (and they have been many) I have often felt like giving up.  But I can’t.
It was my choice to get into property after all .  See update at end

So I have decided to start up a blog – mainly to de-stress and have a good moan and/or rant.   And if anybody wants to read it that would be good.

But if not – I’m doing it anyway !  Just for me.  

NB. Nothing I say should be taken as financial, legal or medical advice. 

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  1. Kathryn
    Jan 27, 2013 @ 23:18:10

    I, too have felt like giving up, but the persistence in me refused to let the demons win. Keep trying and you will find the answers you seek. You will find the life you lost so long ago. And may you find the best of health. Let’s keep in contact.


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