Things People Say

I’m sure everyone who has had CFS or ME for a long time will have had to suffer the “things that people say” . . . . Often very insensitive comments, put-down comments, rude and ignorant comments, etc. Or sometimes comments that just show a total lack on understanding.
Easy to say don’t let it get to you – I wish. Just not always possible.
No matter how much you try to ignore them, shrug them off, block them out – they will still take root in your memory and emotions. And if not dealt with in some way, may make you more ill in the long run.
People who have no personal experience of CFS or ME will probably just think – Oh these people are just over-sensitive, too much into themselves, etc.  But the main reason for this sensitivity is probably years of unfair treatment at the hands of medical professionals (mainly GPs) who often treat you as if lazy or a time-waster. (Regardless of your working history.)
Bearing in mind the length of time it can take sufferers to actually get diagnosed in the 1st place – often years of misery treking back and forwards to doctors, being told nothing wrong with you, just get on with it . . . etc.  No wonder we are a bit sensitive to nasty or thoughtless comments.

Anyway – in this section of my blog I’m just going to quote and list any comments that have amazed or upset me over the years. Not in any order at all – just as they come to mind.
I need to do this to get them out of my system.

This is not negative or dwelling on stuff. The negative thing is to try to ignore them, lock them away and allow them to fester for years. (This can do so much damage to the body and mind in the long run.)
Therefore it is theraputic – for me anyway.
Does anyone else feel this way I wonder ?


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