This post was kind off inspired by the idea of #Five Minute Friday on Twitter. Which is to write about something random without much thought for 5 mins. On a Friday.

Well this took more than 5 mins (very slow typing).
But once I decided on music, loads of songs and memories came to me very quickly.

My Blog is in need of some happy, fun stuff for sure.
So here are a few random memories. Not in any order at all.
The places mentioned were mainly in Glasgow. In the 80’s.

Just to share :

– – – – – – – – –

George Benson,  Give Me The Night

Playing in the disco The Warehouse.
Late 70’s early 80’s
Late night music – but it signalled the night was just beginning. The music seemed to wrap everyone in a warm uplifting cloud. It just drew you in.
This was the only place to be. Nowhere else compared at that time.

New York, New York

Played at Charlie Parkers

Often (maybe always) played at the end of the evening.
Except it wasn’t the end, as The Warehouse was calling . . .

Tina Turner, Lets Stay Together

Tears in the Saints & Sinners pub – at an after-work night with some office friends.
The song prompted some warm, quiet tears as I had been seeing someone, and was in love, but it was going to end soon. It was for the best for various reasons.
But my heart didn’t feel that way that night . . .

Donna Summer, This Time I Know Its For Real
Playing on the disco Tuxedo Princess.
Or more affectionately known by Glasgow folk as “The Boat”.
The beat of this song was so addictive – you just had to head for the dance floor.
Simply no choice.
I loved this place.

Chris Rea,   Loving You Again

and many many more (eg. Stainsby Girls, Josephine, On The Beach)
My flat in 1986 and later.
The space and light of my 1st flat – such happy memories.
Was 26 and absolutely loved the freedom of having my own place. I was so fussy that I’d spent 6 months looking, before deciding on this one.
Many memories, eg :
– Of cooking chilli happily in the kitchen with music playing across the wide hallway from the living room. Probably far too loud.
– Or awaiting friends arriving for some drinks before we went to Shawlands on a Friday night.

Crystal Gayle -Talking In Your Sleep

Playing late at night in “holiday romance” boyfriend’s Rolls Royce in London. Yes – a Rolls Royce.
Driving back to his home (in comfort and luxury) after a day or evening out in London.
I felt very grown up (was just 23) to be with this tall, sexy, slim, dark-haired man. So interesting and mature (38).
This man did not need a flash car to impress anyone.
Was totally swept off my feet . . . . but had no idea at all what he saw in me. At 23 I must have been a bit of an empty head.
After a while I think he probably decided that too !
But I had some marvellous weekends in London.

Zoom by Fat Larrys Band

Pubs in Airdrie and a disco in Coatbridge – called Le Club De France.
Classy ? Hmm, not really.
But for some reason this song came to mind and it took me back to my “Coatbridge season” . . .
And many good memories. A lot of fun at the time.

Randy Crawford, Secret Combination

Back to The Warehouse era again.
Beautiful, sexy, soft music.
Memories of wearing boob tubes and slow dances.
Could be dangerous, for various reasons . . .

David Cassidy, How Can I Be Sure

Plus Cherish, Daydreamer, I Am A Clown and many more.
Early 70’s.
OMG – David Cassidy. His eyes, his soft hair, his boyish smile, his slim figure . . .
I knew I would never love anyone the way I loved him.
There could be nobody else.
He was it.
He was The One.

I was 12 . . . .